Be an Urban Farmer & Grow Produce for Cupboard Clients

March 21, 2021

The Holly Springs Food Cupboard is sponsoring the Food Cupboard Farmer Program for 2021.We’re looking for gardeners who want to grow selected vegetables in their home gardens for Food Cupboard clients. It can be one bed, one row, or a big garden! You grow it, and the Food Cupboard team will distribute it to clients on Thursdays. 

Many different vegetables can be grown this spring and throughout the following seasons. The Food Cupboard will provide you with the seeds and transplants, plus free advice if needed!

Think you may be up to being a local grower this year? Let us know today. Seeds are going in the warm soil right now and plants are ready for you. Learn more or let us know you’re interested by emailing Food Cupboard Garden Director Jerry DeWitt at

Holly Springs High School Runner Organizes Second 24-Hour Marathon to Benefit Cupboard

When Holly Springs High School runner Grace Vaughn’s spring track season was canceled due to COVID last year, she organized a running event to help her find motivation for training and to make a difference in her community.

“I was shocked when we raised almost $15,000 for the Holly Springs Food Cupboard,” she said of last year’s 24-Hour Marathon Fundraiser. 

This year, she’s organizing her second 24-hour marathon and hopes for more participants and an even bigger donation. The challenge involves runners completing 1.1 miles per hour for 24 hours straight. Participants can rest and refuel in between each mile. This adds up to 26.4 miles, a little over a marathon.

“If you aren’t interested in running, a donation is just as appreciated,” she said. “Donors can choose a runner and make a donation per mile pledge, or just donate a flat amount. Any donation is appreciated and ALL money raised will be donated to the HS Food Cupboard.”

For more information or to participate or donate, click here to visit the 24-hour marathon website.

Around the Cupboard

Volunteers transplanted Cherokee Purple Tomatoes in the Food Cupboard garden. Thank you!

Blueberries this way! Angela and Bryan made these signs and installed them in the Food Cupboard garden! Thank you!

Many thanks to the F3 group for clearing junk materials from the Holly Springs Food Cupboard grounds. Thank you!

Anthony, Jessica, and their three boys (F3 group) worked about six hours and repaired the back shed roof at the Holly Springs Food Cupboard. The boys also helped in the garden with potatoes and watering. Thanks for all the help; we truly appreciate it!

Flowers provide nectar, pollen and prey for many insect pollinators and predators. These “friendly” insects come to the garden and help pollinate our fruits and vegetables and reduce pests allowing us to grow our vegetables under organic conditions. Thanks to volunteers who recently planted flowers in containers at the Food Cupboard garden.

Susan Little helps Chris Edwards from Holly Springs Rotary Club load food to deliver to local families. Thanks to the Rotary Club for helping us deliver food to families with health or transportation issues.

The Villages at Pecan Grove brought in 250 pounds of food drive donations. Thank you!

Do you need food assistance? Know someone who does?

Please visit us. These are unprecedented circumstances, and we are here to help. Drive-through food distribution is every Thursday, 2-5 p.m. Deliveries are available to senior citizens and persons with compromised health or without transportation. Click here for more information.

Donating food?

Thank you! We are able to receive food on Mondays, 9-11 a.m. (this is our preferred time) and Thursdays, noon-5 p.m. Place donations on our delivery dock on the side of our facility and knock to allow for safe distancing. Or, give us a call and we can meet you to pick up food from your neighborhood.

Most needed items:

Pop-top meats
Shelf stable milks in individual or quart size (We cannot distribute out-of-date milk.)
Individual juices
Pop-top fruits
16-ounce jars of peanut butter

More Information

Thank you, again, to our dedicated volunteers and generous community for making everything we do possible.