Scout Projects

Troop Last Name First Name Month Year Project Description
BSA 413 Mathis Tim July 2012 (Eagle) Garden shed refurbishing
BSA 431 Savoldi Porter January 2013 (Eagle) Video presentation
BSA Beaver Ryan May 2013 (Eagle) Compost bins
BSA 356 Coleman Zack Aug 2014 (Eagle) 2 Wooden benches
BSA 413 Harris Chris April 2015 (Eagle) Garden irrigation system
BSA 431 Easterly James April 2015 (Eagle) 2 Produce drying racks
BSA 31 Kelly Glenn November 2015 (Eagle) Cemetery clean up and bench installed
BSA Walocki John April 2016 (Eagle) Constructed wall around front pollinator garden bed
BSA Shaeffer Jack November 2016 (Eagle) Bridge to cemetery
BSA 356 Porter Daniel March 2017 (Eagle) 6 A-frame tray racks for seedlings
GS 4578 (group)   September 2017 Installation of “Little Library” in front of Cupboard
BSA 431 (group)   April 2018 Garden potting table
BSA 413 Pentecost Jacob August 2018 (Eagle) Kiosks and brick pathway
GS 3195 Rogers,McElaney, Mayer Katie,Kaghan,Katie August 2019 (Silver) Children’s bookcase & raised beds for clients
GS 2079 Launer Sofia February 2020 (Silver) Picnic table with game top
BSA McGaughey Griffin February 2020 (Eagle) Greenhouse installed & 8 racks built
BSA 2019 Schwegel Mara June 2020 (Eagle) 700+ cloth masks for clients
BSA 2019 Haggard Sydney December 2020 (Eagle) Fence & gates for west garden
BSA 2019 Karyani Carmen January 2021 (Eagle) Fence & gates for east garden
BSA 2019 Guenther Anna February 2021 (Eagle) Raised beds for west garden
GS 364 Marley Brynn September 2021 (Silver) Growing selected vegetables in containers/small spaces
BSA 413 Johnson Noah January 2022 (Eagle) 2 Compost bins
BSA 2019 Grochocinski Elizabeth February 2022 (Eagle) Raised beds for east garden
BSA 444 Smith Myles March 2022 (Eagle) Gutter garden with irrigation for growing greens
BSA Johnson Miles May 2022 (Eagle) 3 Native bee boxes
BSA 2019 Manchakalapati Chaya June 2022 (Eagle) Hydroponic tray garden
BSA 94 Aeschliman Nathan June 2022 (Eagle) 12 PVC cages to protect plant rows
BSA 413 Campbell Dylan July 2022 (Eagle) 15 blueberry plants in whisky barrels w/netting & irrigation
BSA 413 Scott Alex October 2022 (Eagle) 2×8 ft. waist hight raised beds
BSA 444 Howard Ben October 2022 (Eagle) Food Drive 3700+ pounds and $800+
BSA 2019 Freyer Avery May 2022 (Eagle) Long Lang Beehive
GS 1161 (group)   July 2023 (Bronze) 32 First Aid Kit bags
BSA 2019 Kasera Arishia August 2023 (Eagle) Rinsing table for garden